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As a compassionate business, MINDLOVE Donations offers you the chance to be part of the collective healing. It comes with grace to understand that being kind with oneself can change the world and deeply impact the experience of others as well. Every dollar is capable of bettering the global suffering with kindness. Inside the Booking Form you will also find a comment section if you want to let us know which specific cause, from the list below, would you like us to support together. Becoming part of the change against global hunger, protecting our planet and/or saving the animals.


Please note that there are no extra charges needed to participate on our Donations Program. Just your agreement while filling the Booking Form with your personal information before your first session. 


During your booking process, while filling out the Booking Form, you will find a checkbox that will allow you to choose to be part of the movement or not. If you wish to participate, then MINDLOVE Online Therapy will donate to a big and important global cause of your choice.


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Support the Well-being of Humanity:

United Nations World Food Programme (2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)

Freedom Bakeries

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Médecins Sans Frontières

Central American LGBTIQ Migrants and Refugees (IRCA CASABIERTA)

Protect our Planet:

Only One

Amazon Frontlines


Save the Animals:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Humane Society International (HSI)

Four Paws International

Soi Dog Foundation

Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA)

Anonymous for the Voiceless

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