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Book an online therapy session with Costa Rican bilingual Licensed Psychologist Dr. Paula García Chaves, blending Psychoanalysis with Buddhist Psychology in the virtual clinical practice.

Online Therapy for LGBTQ+, Living with Disability, Living with Chronic Illness and Pain, Grief and Loss, Healing Trauma and Abuse, Healing from Ethnic and Cultural Violence, Self Compassion, Emotional Self Regulation, Staying Sober, Anger Management, Treatment for PTSD, Depression, Anxiety Disorders and Sleeping Disorders.

Online Therapy for Couples Counseling, Conflict Resolution, Developing Better Intimacy, Coparenting, Blended Families, Long-Distance Relationships, Multicultural Relationships, Non-Violent Communication.

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This is a safe, transformative space for each one of us. Suffering is an intimate and essential variable of our human experience. When we decide to open our hearts and acknowledge our intuitive wisdom, we prepare ourselves to embrace the challenges and lessons that surround us daily. This decision can only lead us to an unexpected and unburdening journey of freedom through self empowerment and compassion.